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Inspired by the words of Neil Gaiman, I’m reconnecting to my vision of a world where people are encouraged and supported to imagine and then create a different world for us to live in.

Happy in the unknown

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There are a lot of unknowns in my life currently and no matter how much I want to plan and lock down options and make it all SAFE, I know life just isn’t like that. You need to embrace and dance in the uncertainty.

An awesome life

“So I decided this was going to be my year of awesome.” A simple sentence uttered on a random YouTube video and I’m intrigued. How could you get more AWESOME in your life?

Pick your own path

You are in control of your path through life, so pick your path. Choose which page to turn to, decide on the next step, and through that decide the ending of your story.

Now is not forever

That job you take, that course you begin, that house you buy – they don’t have to be forever. This choice you’re making right now is not binding.
Every decision can be undone or remade. So don’t let fear tell you otherwise.

Just a story

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We tell ourselves stories thousands of times a day but we often view them as fact and truth rather than story. When we become conscious of these stories we can choose to own them and write the ending or just discard them and move on.

While you are waiting

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Life is what happens when you are waiting. Don’t put your life on hold while you get enough money, get the experience or develop the skills to live the life you want. Embrace this moment , right here, right now.

If not now, then when?

There will always be a reason, an excuse as to why NOW isn’t right. You will always have too much or not enough of something. So rather than waiting for the perfect time, why not make a choice today?

Step away from the uncertainty

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Sitting in the fogginess of your mind, not sure what you want or what next step to take can feel overwhelming. But use these 6 principles and get ready to move from uncertainty to clarity.

What makes up your perfect job?

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The media will proclaim that you are even lucky to HAVE a job, so to think about what would be even better is a luxury you can ill afford. But to me a life spent in a job you hate is not really a life at all, and I would rather a bit of naval gazing followed by some action to get you into a role that fits more with your drivers, what you care about and what you deem meaningful.