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Remembering to Remember

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I am committing to the idea of making time for ceremony in 2021, as a way to connect to myself, to others and the natural world.

The Brave Cocoon

I started an accountability group at the beginning of the year that I called Cocoon. It has lived up to its name – a place to envelop or surround in a protective or comforting way.

Unquestioned answers

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What kind of change or innovation comes about with no debate and challenge? I am challenging myself to question those unquestioned answers.

A Schitty World

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I’m reflecting on the fabulousness of the TV series Schitt’s Creek and reflecting on how we can create many, many Schitty worlds and celebrate in them.

Beginning again

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It’s time to take all that I have learned and seen and felt and keep creating that life, that society that is so important to me.

The once and all, fix it all

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A reminder to stop focusing on the ONE THING that will bring change, and instead embrace the journey of many small changes.

What are you currently choosing?

With only 8 days left on my visa and no new visa in place, I could choose to be stressed. But that’s not a choice I am making.

Thank you for being you

How often do you acknowledge or thank those around you for the person they are rather than the acts that they do?


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Inspired by the words of Neil Gaiman, I’m reconnecting to my vision of a world where people are encouraged and supported to imagine and then create a different world for us to live in.