Robyn Peel

I am a seeker of experiences.

A lover of simplicity.

A joyful and energetic soul joy who seeks beauty in everyday life.

Nature fuels me. Cups of tea nourish me. The sun recharges me. I laugh as loudly and often as possible. I collect people and stories as they fascinate me. Give me a blanket or a duvet and I’ll be asleep in a couple of minutes (or a train, plane or moving car will do me too!). I’m a planner who is learning to live in the moment. An extrovert who likes being alone too. I often talk without thinking first and can be too honest for my own good. Get me outdoors in the mountains, by the sea, in the woods, on a river and you’ll see me light up from the inside.


Robyn PeelI believe:

  • In the power of the collective rather than the struggle of the individual
  • That action is needed for change to occur and small steps lead to big change
  • That real change can happen when people get together and support and challenge one another
  • Life is simple and as humans we try our hardest to complicate it
  • We all have the skills and strengths and knowledge to live our true, authentic, successful and inspiring lives
  • Life is for living and there is no single way to do that. There is no rule book or plan that will guide us. It will be messy but if we follow our hearts and values it will be worth it.
  • Businesses can flourish by looking at more than the bottom financial line
  • In living a life full of experiences and connections
  • That success is totally individual to you and only you can define success for you
  • That although we are all different, we are all equal


I have a desire for:

  • People to play to their strengths and values and live a life they love
  • People to feel supported on their journey
  • People to work together to bring about positive change
  • The narrative about success to move away from being about money and possessions to being about happiness and fulfilment, as defined by each individual


I believe when we know ourselves deeply, can share ourselves with others openly and truthfully and connect to the beautiful world we live in, then true magic happens.


Connect to yourself
Connect to others
Connect to nature


Robyn Peel

My story

I’m a kiwi (New Zealander) who loves travel, people, experiences and fun. I spent 10 years living in London, UK and now call the beautiful mountains of Fernie, Canada home.

I am a born anthropologist who thinks in questions. I haven’t really made it past the three-year old questioning phase of life (but why……) and I have lost count of the number of times I have been referred to as the meerkat (but something might be happening over there…..). I’ve learned to embrace my nosiness and now see it as a wonderful skill to have. I love going to new countries and seeing what a different culture means for the way people define success, inter-relate, work, love and live life. It doesn’t even have to be new countries; new businesses, new people, new organisations, new towns, new cafes and new streets all fascinate me.

Variety is important to me.

I’ve never worked in a single role for more than 2 years and never worked for the same organisation for more than 3 years. I used to think I was failing at my career but now I realise my definition of success is not climbing the corporate ladder and I am succeeding at experiencing life my way. For me life is for enjoying, and so I continue to follow what interests, excites, challenges and enthuses me.

I am happiest and most content when I am moving my body outdoors. I also love nothing more than sitting in bright, open and inspiring spaces with a cup of tea and engaging and conversing with other human beings. My dream is to make my living by having cups of tea with people (preferably with wild nature right outside my door).

I get energy and inspiration from those living their lives on their own terms. I celebrate uniqueness.

The freaks and alternatives challenging the status quo have always intrigued me. My aim is to spend my money with people who love what they do; artisans and people who are running their own independent businesses. I have a long way to go to make this happen 100% of the time but the intent is always there.

I can’t get enough of people’s stories and find people so incredibly fascinating. I believe we all have unique stories and when these stories intersect and interact then amazing things happen. I am all for the power of collaboration, diversity and bringing people together in groups to move ideas and thoughts forward.


So, what is your story?

I really would love to know about you and your dreams and desires, strengths and values, focus and vision.  I would love for everyone’s story to inspire THEM and to inspire others. If your story isn’t inspiring you and you want to make a change, then get in touch and let’s work together to write the rest of your story in the way you want.