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There’s much talk of do more, be faster, achieve higher.
What about have fun, look after yourself and make a difference?


The definition of success is changing and within that, the idea of what great work and a career looks like.


Are you interested in designing a career and life that makes each day a good one?


Is making a difference, enjoying life, innovation and change more your language than climbing a corporate career ladder?


Whether you want to start your own social enterprise, work part-time, run a business on the side of your 9-5, change the way the world works or just go to work each Monday with a smile on your face – then let’s make it happen.

Join me to design your career and start living life on your own terms.

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Kylee Newton: Unconventional Me

Kylee Newton has never had a 9-5 job. Instead she juggled multiple freelance creative gigs before pouring her talent and creativity into her own preserves business. Find out more about her Unconventional career story.


The power of support

Four years ago I sent an email to four amazing women, inviting them to join me for a monthly inspiration group. Little did I know the life-changing magic that committing to meet once a month would bring.

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Stine Dulong: Unconventional Me

If you want an advertisement for how great doing something you enjoy is, then Stine Dulong is your poster picture! Read more about her unconventional story and how she went from unhappy ex-marketer and ex-lawyer to content potter.