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I have a desire for:

  • People to play to their strengths and values and live a life they love
  • People to feel supported on their journey
  • People to work together to bring about positive change
  • The narrative about success to move away from being about money and possessions to being about happiness and fulfilment, as defined by each individual

I believe when we know ourselves deeply, can share ourselves with others openly and truthfully and connect to the beautiful world we live in, then true magic happens.


Connect to yourself

Connect to others

Connect to nature


Come and join me on my journey to find ways for people to come together and find the clarity, support and inspiration to live a life that is fulfilling and true to themselves.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much ~ Helen Keller

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Create > Consume

It’s been three months since we arrived back in London and I’m still finding my equilibrium here. The balance between the “oh so amazing” stuff that is happening every minute of every day and the need to sit in the

Robyn Peel Experiences

Just because…

It’s just gone 10am on a Saturday morning and here I am covered in four different coloured dyes, dancing and singing to cheesy pop songs with 5,000 other fun-loving individuals. The Run or Dye 5km run is about to commence yet

Finger Painting

Should we be growing “down” rather than growing “up”?

While I was travelling earlier this year I came across people in their 20s who were doing amazing things, travelling the world, doing what they enjoyed and yet they would tell me it was time to go home and be