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There’s much talk of do more, be faster, achieve higher.
What about have fun, look after yourself and make a difference?


The definition of success is changing and within that, the idea of what great work and a career looks like.


Whether you want to start your own social enterprise, work part-time, run a business on the side of your 9-5, change the way the world works or just go to work each Monday with a smile on your face – then let’s make it happen.

Join me to design your career and start living life on your own terms.

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What do YOU want?

Sometimes characters in a movie can say something much better than I can.
What do YOU want? What do you WANT?

find job

On the job hunt (or should that be the life hunt)

There is no such thing as ONE ideal job. Your interests and desires, skills and strengths can play out in so many wide-ranging ways and there can be great diversity in what excites you.

Foggy Fernie

Happy in the unknown

There are a lot of unknowns in my life currently and no matter how much I want to plan and lock down options and make it all SAFE, I know life just isn’t like that. You need to embrace and dance in the uncertainty.