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There’s much talk of do more, be faster, achieve higher.
What about have fun, look after yourself and make a difference?


The definition of success is changing and within that, the idea of what great work and a career looks like.


Whether you want to start your own social enterprise, work part-time, run a business on the side of your 9-5, change the way the world works or just go to work each Monday with a smile on your face – then let’s make it happen.

Join me to design your career and start living life on your own terms.

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Mount Fernie

Is it enough?

Having defined myself for years with the norms of London – Busyness, Action, Purpose – I’m now having to find myself in a new environment. And I ask myself, is living a content life enough?


Dear creative, talented you

A weekly open letter to all those dreaming of creating a different world. A reminder when you need it most.

James Muthana Unconventional Me

Unconventional Me: James Muthana

Finding meaning in your work can make a massive difference to how you view daily tasks. In my latest Unconventional Me interview, I speak with James about how we went from investment banker to setting up a community yoga studio.