Now is not forever

When thinking about change, most people find the choice debilitating.

But what if it ISN’T what I really want.
What if I make the choice and then it’s WRONG.
What if the grass isn’t REALLY greener.

There is this great fear that once you’ve made the choice there is NO TURNING BACK.

I’ll look like a fool if what I’ve been saying all along doesn’t turn out to be true.
I can’t tell people that I was WRONG.

But guess what, this choice you’re making right now is not binding.

You won’t have a shackle around your leg if you make that decision.
No-one will hold you to a choice because you made it once.
In fact most people will probably not even remember what you did once you’ve done it!

Every decision can be undone or remade (except for children – you might want to make *that* choice carefully!)


Don’t let the fear of choice tell you otherwise. That job you take, that course you begin, that house you buy, that trip you make, that business you start – it doesn’t mean you have to do it forever.

We change and grow. Ideas morph. We live and learn. What was once right may turn out to be wrong. So stop getting stuck in analysis paralysis and make a choice. You can make another choice later on. You can change your mind. You can turn around. You can come back to your “old life”.

Taking that job doesn’t mean that is your job for life.
Moving to that country doesn’t mean you have to live there forever.

Sometimes we make these decisions have such huge importance that we don’t do them for fear of what it might mean 1, 5 or 10 years down the track. But we can’t know what life will be like that far in advance. So just take the first step. It may be just as you hoped and dreamed or it might not. And if it’s not you can make another step and another change. No shackles will need to be broken. It is unlikely anyone will even notice.

So what’s stopping you now?


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