While you are waiting

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While you are waiting for the day when you have enough money to take the trip of a lifetime, life happens.
While you are waiting for the courage to take that next step, life happens.
While you are waiting for that promotion you feel you deserve, life happens.
While you are waiting for the man of your dreams to come and sweep you off your feet, life happens.

Life is what happens when you are waiting.

Perhaps I’ve been watching too many real-life medical dramas recently, but I am acutely aware of how quickly life can take a turn, either being taken away from you in a split second or being changed forever. And all those things you were waiting for are no longer possible or no longer relevant.

With all the talk of dreams and change in our household, I am aware that we are still here, living in the here and now. So I’m focusing on enjoying my cup of tea on the patio. Embracing the conversations and catch-ups with friends. Losing myself in a good book. Throwing myself into the moment rather than wishing the time away.


It’s the balance of dreaming and presence.

I come across so many people who are putting their lives on hold while they get enough money, get the experience or develop the skills to live the life they want. I just have to get through this and THEN my life will be wonderful. Once I change jobs it will all be better. I can’t wait to go on a big trip because then I’ll be happy. 

But what about right now?

Embrace this moment now and if there is NOTHING you want to embrace about this moment then do something about it! If your job isn’t great, how are you making time for things that you enjoy on weeknights and weekends? If you are looking for a relationship, how are you opening yourself up to opportunities to meet someone new? If you don’t have the skills to do the job you desire, how are you obtaining those skills through volunteering and other means? If you are hanging out for a big travel adventure, how are you being a tourist in your own city?

How are you acknowledging all the beauty in THIS moment?

How are you LIVING while you are waiting?

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