If not now, then when?

There will always be a reason, an excuse as to why NOW isn’t right.
You will always have too much or not enough of something.

Not enough money.
Too many commitments.
Not enough work experience.
Too much work experience to throw away.

There’s always more money to save, qualifications to complete, fears to overcome.

So if now isn’t the right time, WHEN will be?

My partner and I are starting to feel a little restless; one year in a city can do that to us! There are adventures we want to go on, countries we want to explore and changes we want to make. Yet we haven’t quite worked out WHEN is the “right” time to instigate these changes.

There are plenty of things we could have more of; money being the main one! But when is enough, enough? And when does it just become an excuse because big change can be scary?

So sitting in our local pub the other night my partner and I started working out a date to work towards. It’s still very much in the negotiation phase (!) but we are getting closer to coming up with the date of no return! Set the date, make it happen, deal with the consequences. 


We know there is no such thing as a perfect time, so we need to find a time we both feel comfortable with and then set it. Once the date is set you take the excuses away and deal with the realities as they happen. You deal with the inconveniences, ups and downs, trials and tribulations and all that comes with change in the here-and-now. And it is likely that the reality isn’t going to be as bad as all the things you *think* might happen.


Make a decision.
Take action.
Deal with consequences.


I’ll let you know when we make that decision!


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