Step away from the uncertainty

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I don’t know what I want.
I’m not sure what I should do next.

Sound familiar?

Sitting in the fogginess of your mind, not sure what you want or what next step to take can feel overwhelming. However, it can also be comforting, as in that state of unknown and certainty it means you don’t actually *have* to do anything. You can sit there telling everyone (including yourself) that you can’t do anything as you are unclear, overwhelmed, lost.

But if you really want to move beyond the fogginess and get to clarity, then begin here:


From Uncertainty to Clarity


1. Take responsibility

Are you ready and willing to take responsibility to move out of the fog?
Often there can be something quite comfortable in the uncomfortableness, hence why we are in the fog in the first place! It may be soooooo familiar or the next step too scary. Too many options, so many unknowns.

Before you can move to clarity you need to be ready to take responsibility.

Stop wishing you could just know, or that someone will come along and grant your desire, or the answer will just *magically* come to you. Be committed to taking responsibility for yourself, responsibility for the next step, responsibility for your life.

2. Be committed to action

Now that you have stopped wishing, you need to be ready to make things happen, and this requires some ACTION!

Although we would all like to think our way out of confusion, ACTION not thought is the way to clarity. Take regular little steps each day – think the tortoise not the hare!

Not sure what jobs would be right for you? Ask people about their jobs. Do trial days at various employers. Try out some voluntary roles. Do something to see what job might be right rather than just think about it.

Be open to opportunities.  Say “yes” to different ideas and experiences. Give it a go and see what happens.

3. Get perspective and space

So often when we are feeling unclear it is that we are really close to the issue. We are living it and breathing it and we can’t see the wood for the trees. So a key step for getting clarity is getting space.

Step away from your usual routine. Put away the technology, go for a walk, get into nature, go to your favourite cafe, get out your coloured pens and paper, pull out your knitting, breathe!

Make time for yourself alone. Alone with no distractions where you can actually take stock of where you are and where you want to get to. A place to reflect and connect to your inner knowing.

(Although don’t get too lost looking at your navel. Remember point two, and make sure you balance the reflecting with the action.)

4. Have a vision

Yes, I know, if you had a vision or a destination you wouldn’t be in the fog! You would be on your merrily little way if you knew what you wanted. But a clear destination, direction and route map is different from a vision.

If you are going to take some action you have to have at least *some* sense of where it might lead. Want more fun? Want more time to travel? Want more money? Want to wake up each day with a massive smile on your face? Those are all visions for your future.

If you don’t even know what your vision for your future is, head back to point three and go within. Spend some time in reflection, ask yourself a few questions and get a clearer sense of where you are heading and why.

5. Get support

Often when you are sitting in the fog you feel like you’re all alone and no-one understands what it’s like. But I can bet you that there are others in the same place as you, asking the same questions. Go out there and find them!

This isn’t about comparison and working out who has the biggest scars or is in the worse place.  It’s about having a shared understanding, a listening ear, a bit of challenge andaccountability and a kick up the butt when needed. Talking with others and getting support will give you a different perspective and will help you get your uncertainty mirrored back which helps you find a way through.

6. Enjoy the process

The fog will come and go throughout your life (unfortunately there isn’t a miracle cure), so you might as well enjoy the journey! It can be frustrating to be in the fog but there is no point wishing your life away while you’re there. Enjoy the moment, whether you have clarity or not.

The more you are enjoying what you’re doing, the more you are likely to get that bolt of inspiration or clarity come to you. So find time to do what you love. Say yes to different opportunities. Laugh, jump, learn and embrace this moment right now.


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