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Happy in the unknown

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There are a lot of unknowns in my life currently and no matter how much I want to plan and lock down options and make it all SAFE, I know life just isn’t like that. You need to embrace and dance in the uncertainty.

Well hello again!

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I didn’t quite realise how prophetic my last blog would be! After three months of quiet, I’m back, designing my life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada.


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It will be quiet around here for the next few months as I get on my bike and join my partner for cycle-touring adventures.

Courtney Linnecar: Unconventional Me

Courtney Linnecar has a vision of a world where volunteering is as a normal part of your week as meeting a friend for a cup of tea. Read her career story and find out how she is currently combining her strengths and passions in a new digital platform.

An awesome life

“So I decided this was going to be my year of awesome.” A simple sentence uttered on a random YouTube video and I’m intrigued. How could you get more AWESOME in your life?

Kylee Newton: Unconventional Me

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Kylee Newton has never had a 9-5 job. Instead she juggled multiple freelance creative gigs before pouring her talent and creativity into her own preserves business. Find out more about her Unconventional career story.

The power of support

Four years ago I sent an email to four amazing women, inviting them to join me for a monthly inspiration group. Little did I know the life-changing magic that committing to meet once a month would bring.

Stine Dulong: Unconventional Me

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If you want an advertisement for how great doing something you enjoy is, then Stine Dulong is your poster picture! Read more about her unconventional story and how she went from unhappy ex-marketer and ex-lawyer to content potter.

Pick your own path

You are in control of your path through life, so pick your path. Choose which page to turn to, decide on the next step, and through that decide the ending of your story.

How are you living your values?

When you live by your values you are energised. Life is in flow. Life seems easy and one hell of an enjoyable. Do you know what your values are? Are you able to find ways to bring them to life through your daily actions?