The power of support

Four years ago, sitting in our tiny 24sqm apartment surrounded by snow I began to connect to my interest of bringing people together to achieve more than they can on their own. We had taken six months off to be ski bums in Tignes in the French Alps and allowing myself the time and space and freedom connected me to what I loved doing.

And at the time it was about community and support.

So after a days skiing and a Skype session with my wonderful friend Susan who asked if community is what I believe in and what I want to do, then what was I doing about it (oh I do love having friends who challenge and give me kicks up the bum when needed!), I sent an email to four amazing woman that said:

I want to set up a monthly inspiration group where people come together to talk about their goals, the steps they’re taking and how they’re getting on. The group provides support, accountability and inspiration . . . The goal is to help each other achieve our goals, our dreams, the lives we want to lead.

And last week I sat in my final inspiration group, sharing my gratitude for all that the group has given me. A monthly space for me. A safe space to explore and be challenged. A time for reflection and a wonderful sense of belonging. Amazing and deep friendships.


My final inspiration gathering, May 2016

Over the four years members of the group have left London for new adventures themselves and they have been replaced by equally remarkable women who have challenged and supported me. And I know the group will continue on without me, continuing to support and enhance the life of its members.

I’ve written before about the benefits of finding people like you, but there is something incredibly special about a regular, support group. Knowing that each month no matter whether it’s been a fabulous one or one you would rather forget, that there will be a time in your diary that is set aside. A time to reflect, share, plan and dream. It’s a place of no judgement, where you can be totally you and share fears and dreams that perhaps have never been voiced before. Through that your horizons are broadened, your experience is enriched and you open yourself to new and exciting opportunities.


The inspiration group 2013


Napolean Hill in the 1930s spoke and wrote about the power of Mastermind groups, where you “use the education, experience, influence and perhaps capital of other people to carry out your own plans in life” and in doing so achieve so much more than you can by yourself.  And my wonderful inspiration group is just this. We share so openly of ourselves, our ideas, our opinions and our beliefs and support each other to do whatever it is that we desire. We may turn up totally whacked after a crazy day at work but always leave fuelled for the coming month ahead.


Community and support are still key parts of my vision for my future work. I know what it can enable you to do, as I’ve lived and breathed it for four years. And I would love everyone to have something this constant, inspiring and energising in their lives too. So find “your people” make a commitment to meet once a month and support each other as you navigate your path through life.

It will be life changing.



An inspiration trip to Oxford, 2015.



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