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Wow, how prophetic I was. It did go very quiet on this blog for over three months, but not for the reasons I had envisioned.

My priority list – 10 June 2016

My priority list – 23 June 2016

After a week on my bike, I was back in New Zealand, supporting my Mum and Dad after my Mum underwent a couple of major operations. What I had thought was going to be a summer of adventure and action became a winter of hibernation. It was a wonderful reminder that life is full of change. Our priorities need to be re-jigged, we need to look at our important list over and over again and we can never know what life is going to have in store for us.

Designing a career and life that works isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime process.

It happens daily, moment to moment. It is about knowing yourself and regularly checking in to see if how you are living is matching what is most important to you NOW. It’s about being open and comfortable with change. It’s about doing what feels best for you, but working in the needs of others. It’s a wonderful process of evolution with a few revolutions thrown in for good measure!

I am pleased to say my Mum is doing extremely well and continuing to design what her life looks like each day. And me? Well I’m now surrounded by the mountains of Fernie, Canada.



I have only been here a little over two weeks and yet it felt like coming home. I am embracing the pace of life here in small town Canada and with it continuing to design what my life looks like. I must admit that my vision of a simple life connected to the natural world, helping others to also live their bliss feels more like a reality rather than a dream now. It feels as though all I’ve done before now has brought me to this place, ready to soak it up and to give back.

So expect more nature-laden photos, stories of how I am designing and living my life in a new country and within that sharing reminders that creating a life that works for you is full of change and growth, ups and down, pure joy and deep reflection.

With much love,

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