What do YOU want?

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Sometimes characters in a movie can say something much better than I can.
What do YOU want? What do you WANT?

An awesome life

“So I decided this was going to be my year of awesome.” A simple sentence uttered on a random YouTube video and I’m intrigued. How could you get more AWESOME in your life?

Extraordinary, ordinary people

A weekend trip to Poland had the surprising outcome of reaffirming my admiration and fascination with everyday people doing amazing things.

You are more than your job title

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Identity isn’t something bestowed on you from your employer, your family or your friends. It’s what you choose to identify with.

Bringing my conductor back to life

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Our strengths, our values, our love of work can show up in all sorts of different ways at different times in our lives. The journey through life and through work isn’t necessarily a linear one and we need to think about careers and work differently.

The opposite of venture capitalism

Whatever the opposite of a venture capitalist is, I want to be that.
Yesterday through a random conversation the idea of being a venture humanist was put to me, and that sparked a real interest, but the words aren’t quite right….