How do those ideas suit you?

Some days you put on clothes and you just feel great.  You look in the mirror or catch your reflection in a window and think Hot Damn! It’s often when we are wearing the clothes that suit our body shape as well as our sense of style and personality. We relax into the clothes and relax into who we are because they are comfortable.

I think the same is true for beliefs and ideas but we aren’t always such a good judge of how great they make us look or feel. We aren’t as quick to catch our reflection and notice the impact. We try on ideas and ways of being all the time but often leave them on without even questioning their effect on us. We wear beliefs that constrict us and make us feel uncomfortable, yet we don’t change them. Or they may be too loose and we lose ourselves in those concepts and ideas of others.

Look at the ideas and beliefs you are wearing.

Are they yours or someone elses?
Do they fit with your idea of what is important or have you just forgotten to take it off?

The 9-5 job, the house with the mortgage, the career ladder, the “grown up” way to live life, the “healthy” lifestyle. These are all constructs and ideas that you are free to put on and take off as you wish. They are not ideas that MUST be chosen and worn.

Try the ideas on and see if they “fit” you, if they fit your ideals and values and the way you want to live life. If they do, then great, please wear them with pride and know they are yours and they make you feel great. But if they don’t feel fabulous on, then know that you are free to take them off. You can take off these beliefs and values and try on other ones.

Last year after I came back from Pioneer Nation I was all enthused and excited about so many different ways to grow my business and grow my reach. But as the days wore on I realised that some of the ideas I had taken to wear did not fit that well with me. I was wearing constructs such as business growth that were someone else’s and not mine.

Now don’t get me wrong. I really want to grow my business and make an impact and find financial freedom doing what I enjoy doing, but I don’t feel the need to make the six-figure income that other people are after. That isn’t a driving force for me and made me feel clunky when wearing it. As soon as I undressed from that belief I felt so much lighter and freer. I can find my business growth and freedom in a way that suits me more.

So take some time and look in the mirror today.

Are the ideas, constructs and beliefs you have your own or others? Do they fit comfortably or are they too constricting or too loose? Be aware of what FEELS right for you. The ideas that you relax into and the beliefs you tense up around.

Be open and curious about the different ways to live life, do work, find enjoyment and feel fulfilled. Try ideas, habits, practices and rituals on and see if they work for you but always remember you are free to take them off at any time.

Wear your ideals and beliefs as well as you wear your clothing.

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