The myth of the personal brand



As a teenager I used to think the synonyms for unique were quirky, different and weird. I used it (and saw others using it too) as a way to differentiate and pinpoint those who weren’t “normal”. Who looked, acted or did something different from the crowd (as though that was a bad thing!!).

Yet now as an adult it is a label I wear with pride and I believe every person is unique. We have our own values and strengths. We are driven to make a difference in a myriad of different ways. We get excited, scared, pissed off and fired up by unique aspects of life. We want, need and desire so many different things.

I would love everyone to acknowledge and celebrate their uniqueness.

To proudly stand up and be the person they are without the need to compare. Without worrying about judgement. Without feeling that somehow their uniqueness needs to be altered or improved or “tweaked”.

Which is why I struggle with the increasing number of articles about how to build a personal brand. How to be unique online. You don’t need to think about being unique – you JUST ARE!

The more we try to be something or someone the less we will be ourselves.

And that is a crying shame. This world needs you to be you and me to be me. It needs your unique mix of skills, strengths and talents. It needs your version of inspiration and passion. It needs your ideas no matter how weird and wacky others may think they are.

The world doesn’t need cookie-cutter versions of people. It needs diversity and uniqueness.

So stop worrying about and trying to find the best way to express yourself either online or offline. Just do what feels right. Swear if you want to. Talk about your love of Christ if that is your thing. Show your tattoo. Wear your t-shirt and yoga pants in your photos if that is what you usually wear. Talk about the environment, politics, feminism, sexism – whatever fires you up. Ask the questions that you feel need to be asked. Share the ideas that you think need to be shared.

You don’t need to know how to build your brand. You just need to be you.
There isn’t a “how to” guide on how to be you. Only you know what being you feels like. Only you know what keeps you awake at night and what you feel compelled to share with the world.

So share it.

Share the whole, beautiful, unique you that the world needs you to be.

I have found recently that the more I share what feels right, what I care about, what fires me up, the more I have found others who feel the same. The more I share my wants and needs with the world the more I feel compelled to do something to bring them to life.

So stop listening to others and allow the unique, beautiful, not-all-together and that’s ok you to shine through.

Do what feels right. Do what makes you come alive.

And don’t give a shit about your “brand”.


Over the coming months I’ll be launching programmes and offerings to help people find their unique voice and bring their ideas to life. If you are interested in being kept informed as I design and launch these then sign up to receive notifications. 

Image: Stand Out from The Crowd Unique Golf Tee Game by Steven Depolo

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