Here’s a message. Are you listening?

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There are always indications and messages being whispered to us if we care to listen.

There are opportunities and possibilities all around us if we take the time to see them.

What we look for we find.

But even when we aren’t looking the message is still there.


I am currently back in New Zealand and although I’m enjoying being back in my home country and eating my way through all the food that I can’t get anywhere else in the world, it has left me feeling a little discombobulated (my favouritest word of all time!).

Is this my home?
If this isn’t my home then where is?

And with those questions, it throws up more questions that try to rock my foundations.

What ARE you doing with your life?
Is traveling the world enough or is it a bit hedonistic?

What IS important to you?
What IS the message you want to share?
And what are you going to do to start sharing it?

Perhaps a few years ago I would have let those questions rock me and affect me. But now I recognise these questions for what they are – a way that I deal with change. A way that shakes me a little when I need to reset on a new path or reconfirm the path I am on. Questions that are helping me find my centre.

So when this happens I start writing and see what concerns come up. I try to answer those questions from deep within my heart and soul and not let my brain and my niggly little gremlin on my shoulder get his voice in. I meditate. I walk. I swim. I open up to see what ideas or opportunities might come. I connect to my inner truth and find what is important to me.

And then clear and bright messages like the video above come to me. Clear messages which say be brave and get your voice out there. Be brave and do that street dancing you have always said you wanted to do! Be brave and live your life in whatever way matters to you no matter what other people want for you.

There are always messages, and that is the message for me.

What message is it telling you?


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This week on Through the Looking Glass, my weekly video series, I am reflecting on the characteristics of home.

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