Is it enough?

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Having defined myself for years with the norms of London – Busyness, Action, Purpose – I’m now having to find myself in a new environment. And I ask myself, is living a content life enough?

What power do your possessions have over you?

As I’ve been sorting through all we own to decide what comes with us on the next phase of our adventures to a new life in Canada I’m reflecting on who am I without my possessions and realising the power I am giving to inanimate objects.

If you can’t do, then be

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Discombobulated. It’s one of my favourite words and totally sums up how I’m feeling at the moment. Do vs Be. Share vs Noise. Action vs Procrastination.

Lessons from Mother India

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BE HERE NOW. Those were the first words I wrote in my diary on landing in India and they sum up the lessons from my amazing experience in the mountains.

What could be so important?

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How often do we have a phone attached to our ear or in our hand? What is so important that we need to be connected to technology seemingly at all times?

What does less look like?

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Am I after ultra-minimalism or just a clear desk for a few days? I’m not sure where I will end up but I know I need to start. It’s time to simplify, reduce and let go.

I know then I forget

I’d like to banish this myth that we find our thing, our passion, our path, our purpose and then hallelujah life is easy. There are blissful days of lollipops and rainbows but there are also days of pure fogginess. I know, then I forget and then I remember again.