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It’s been three months since we arrived back in London and I’m still finding my equilibrium here. The balance between the “oh so amazing” stuff that is happening every minute of every day and the need to sit in the sun and drink my cup of tea and dream.

I am finding the focus on MORE quite draining. The idea that with just one more book read, one more talk listened to and one more programme complete THEN I will have everything I need to make the change I want in my life. As though when we have the productivity habits down, time management worked out and mindfulness learned THEN we will be able to start that business or finish that project.

We tell ourselves that the more things we learn the better prepared we will be. And to some extent that may be true, but really we are just stalling. We seem to think that courage or preparedness will come from information when actually it comes from action.

We just need to actually try things out, give it a go, make it happen.

And so I am consciously focusing on how I can CREATE more each and every day and CONSUME less.


Creating blog posts
Creating connections with people
Creating opportunities for new programmes and work
Creating ideas
Creating experiences

But this isn’t just about consumption of information. I am also looking at how much food I am creating myself versus consuming ready prepared meals or takeaways. How many new ideas I am forming versus just taking in ideas from others and sharing them.

Each day I am consciously aware of how much I am creating.

It’s actually harder than I thought to create more than I consume. I love reading blog posts and watching inspiring videos. But I know that my learning and impact will be much greater through the creation of my own ideas and my own thoughts and my own programmes. Yet I am aware that it is rather ironic that all I create I want to be consumed by others!

So through the consciousness I am just being aware. I will always consume but I want to make sure I make time to create as well. As with everything in life, it’s about balance. Balance, awareness and conscious choices.

How about you? What is your creation to consumption ratio look like?

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  1. Wow! Loved this “We seem to think that courage or preparedness will come from information when actually it comes from action.” I know this – and often fool myself out of it, by saying I need to know more before getting on with what I really want to be doing. Thanks Robyn, I needed that. T x

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