If you can’t do, then be

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It’s one of my favourite words and totally sums up how I’m feeling at the moment.

There is this real drive for action but I can’t seem to work out where to start. Procrastination is winning.
There seems to be too much noise and information out there already and yet I’m compelled to write and share, thus adding to the noise.
Yet with this drive for words and action I find that my ideas and words are missing in action.
I also know that doing is often overrated. Being the change and living the change is better than yelling into the abyss.

Do. Be. Share. Write. Noise. Shout. Stand out. Live it. Feel it. Actions over words. Words over silence.

So where does that leave me?
Relishing the sound, but not the feeling, of the word.


I don’t want to add to the noise but the current noise feels unhelpful for many. Same old stuff, no major change. But my words and actions are constipated. Keeping me quiet and uncomfortable. Dissatisfied and uncertain.

As I sit here and try to work this through my system (perhaps taking the metaphor a bit far!), I continue to take the only action I know – relishing the small moments of my day. Looking for joy in the everyday ordinariness.

Since the 1st of January I have been taking a photo a day.

Just Because Community - Robyn Peel

Because last year seemed to pass by in a blur of everyday ordinariness and this year I want to celebrate that ordinariness.
Because it keeps me present and alert for all the amazing things that happen in a day.
Because it helps remind me how grateful I am for the life I lead and the people I spend time with.
Because it helps me see my life through a new lens.
Because I enjoy it, and life should be filled with doing things you enjoy.
Because it’s a place to start.


Photo a Day

While I sit here uncertain of the next step and uncertain of where to put my voice, I shall continue to seek out pieces of joy in my day. I shall continue to create rather than consume. I shall continue to take photos, well, just because.

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