Remembering to Remember

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I am committing to the idea of making time for ceremony in 2021, as a way to connect to myself, to others and the natural world.

Beginning again

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It’s time to take all that I have learned and seen and felt and keep creating that life, that society that is so important to me.

Change is just a thought away

How many thoughts do we shoot down before we even let them take a gasp of breath? What would happen if we brought these ideas for change to life?

Is it enough?

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Having defined myself for years with the norms of London – Busyness, Action, Purpose – I’m now having to find myself in a new environment. And I ask myself, is living a content life enough?

Well hello again!

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I didn’t quite realise how prophetic my last blog would be! After three months of quiet, I’m back, designing my life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada.


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It will be quiet around here for the next few months as I get on my bike and join my partner for cycle-touring adventures.

Is productivity really the answer?

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The opposite of productive doesn’t have to be lazy. What if instead we decided it was content or present or aware or connected. In a world of BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, HIGHER I’m looking for something different.

If you can’t do, then be

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Discombobulated. It’s one of my favourite words and totally sums up how I’m feeling at the moment. Do vs Be. Share vs Noise. Action vs Procrastination.