Adding my voice to the masses

I’ve been quiet for so long that I’ve often wondered what act or thought or situation would pull me out from my silence. In the past six months I’ve written a few pieces but largely I’ve been quiet on the Internet.

I’m not sure if the silence has been about not having anything to say, or questioning the difference saying something would have. Since stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the big city I have become acutely aware of the noisiness of life. The shouting. The clambering for attention. The repeated calls for more and bigger and better and action. And all of that hasn’t fitted with my new situation, my new pace of life, my new everyday existence.

Moving from a city of 8.6 million to one of 5,000 residents (yes, Fernie IS defined as a city!!) has, of course, brought a huge amount of change in my life. It’s moved my foundations. It’s shaken loose a lot of what I took to be solid. It’s brought me to tears on many a day and it’s made me really stop and think about what is important to me and how I want to be spending my time.

Over the past couple of months as winter has moved into a glorious technicolour spring, I have been feeling much more at ease, much more me (sunshine always makes everything better!). I have begun to feel that the opportunity to share with others is a missing piece of my life here in the beautiful mountains. Also the results of the UK general election just a few days ago reminded me that voices and opinions can make a difference, and added together can form a massive change. I still feel there is a lot of noise in the world and a big part of me doesn’t want to add to it but I also feel some (perhaps egotistical) compulsion to add my own thoughts to those out there!

I’ve missed the chance to say ‘you know what, I see things differently to that’. I’ve missed the opportunity to share some snippets from my life that may help others in theirs. I’ve missed the connection (no matter how sporadic or small) that comes from throwing your ideas out far and wide. 

I want to be a (small) part of helping people have conversations that matter. I want to support and foster awareness to help people speak openly and honestly with themselves and others. I want to be a part of a world where people actively share their desires and beliefs with others in a way of genuine dialogue, not a need to shout the loudest.

And so it once again begins!


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