Beginning again

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I have gone back and forth on the need to write on this blog for years. Adding to an already noisy, chaotic and overcrowded world does little for me. The voice in my head questions what I really have to add to an already crowded narrative. And yet over the past couple of months as I’ve been on a “mini retirement” (my phrase for consciously taking time away from the world of paying work), as I’ve found my way back to the essence within, I have come to realize that the sharing has always been more to help me than to add to what is out there.
As I’ve stripped back the layers over the past few weeks, I have found that blogs like this and this and this have reminded me about what is actually important to me. It’s highlighted ideas I’ve long known to be true but haven’t necessarily acted upon.  I’ve reread my About page and once again remembered the ideas and constructs I have long held dear.
So I am here once again to write and remind me in future years what is always within, but that I sometimes forget. I am here to put into words, ideas and thoughts that float around me, and hopefully through that, bring some structure and weight to them.
Life sure is a journey and it’s now time to take those recurring pieces and make them a stronger part of the whole. It’s time to take all that I have learned and seen and felt and keep creating that life, that experience, that connection, that society that is so important to me.

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