What are you currently choosing?

In eight days my visa allowing me to stay here in Canada expires. Canada, a place I currently love to call home. Canada, where all my worldly possessions are. Canada, where I have a job, a beautiful house that I rent and a life I thrive on.

This is probably a time when I am supposed to be stressed, but that isn’t my current reality. Over the past few weeks I’ve swung between pure optimism that it will all just fall into place and other times when I’ve doubted it and started planning other adventures (cycling around Japan sounds pretty good to me!). But stress isn’t a word I’d associate with my current situation.

There are actions that I have control over and I’m doing my best to move them all forward. I’ve talking to immigration consultants, getting visa application forms filled in and ready to go and discussing with my employer about ways they can help me. But there are so many things out of my control that it isn’t really worth my time and energy worrying over.

So for me it’s about understanding my current situation, getting ready for possible eventualities and actually being ok with whatever comes to fruition.

And why am I sharing this? Because all of this is a choice. The way I react to my situation is a choice. Getting stressed (or not) is a choice. Worrying about the thousand things that might happen or might not, is a choice. Taking small actions is a choice. Still going for bike rides and soaking up the beauty around me is a choice. Asking for help is a choice. Running around like a blue-ass fly is a choice. Sitting and watching the sunset is a choice.

Don’t forget you have infinite choices right now.

Your situation and reality isn’t separate from you, it is created by you. So what reality do you want to be in?

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