Why finding your people makes a difference

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100 people, 100 days to create a close-knit community of people who are asking and answering hard questions about work, career and meaning. ~ mission of the Escape School Founding Members community

When I saw that mission I knew I had to join this community and I attended my first meet-up last week. It was an evening of interesting people and insightful conversations that got my creative juices flowing and energised and engaged me. I found my people at WDS last year, again at Pioneer Nation this year and these Founding Members are another bunch of inspiring and inspired individuals who are asking similar questions to me.

I am so fortunate to have so many amazing people around me who support me on my journey. Friends, family, networks and groups who continually inspire me, challenge my limiting beliefs, hold me accountable and cheer me on as I take two steps forward and one step back. Yet too often it seems that people are feeling isolated. They haven’t found “their people” or connected with kindred spirits to help them on their journey.

The simple idea of bringing these isolated souls together to make positive change just fires me up.

Connection, collaboration and community are some of my fundamental values and the way I go about life.

I believe in the power of community to aid and support us to live our best lives. I know there is huge power, change, innovation and inspiration if these isolated pocket found their way to each other. Because finding people who you feel “you” around is life changing. It can buoy you up and move you forward. When you feel supported on your journey you can make positive changes just not to your life but to those around you too.

Some of the benefits of a community of like-minded individuals include:

  • Validation of your beliefs and dreams that perhaps others don’t understand or support
  • Motivation to continue to follow your dreams and passion
  • A sense of being part of something bigger
  • Knowing that others are in a similar situation to you and dealing with the same struggles and challenges as you are
  • Access to a wealth of information and ideas that you may not have found on your own
  • Affirmation and support as you take steps on your journey
  • A way to give back your skills and ideas and to help others in the process
  • Being able to relax and be totally yourself and know you will be accepted as such
  • Freedom to voice your ideas openly and honestly

I am not suggesting we find people who think exactly like us. There is no benefit in that. There is huge benefit of diversity of thought. A fresh eye on a challenge you have mulled over and chewed on for weeks or months. Different skills that can be pulled together. But finding people who want the same thing with a common aim is massive. They won’t be exactly like you but they’ll likely have the same values and aims and that is a powerful concept.

I know my path will always involve communities of people and I want others to feel the benefits it brings. If you are feeling isolated then reach out. Look through Meet-up and Eventbrite for gatherings and groups that interest you. Connect with like-minded people through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and other social media channels. Find others who get you, get your vision and connect with them.

Great things happen when you meet like-minded folks. Sparks fly, ideas flourish and you feel just 100% you.

The world will change when people work together, following their values and passions to make things happen.

I want to be a part of that kind of world.


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Do you want to make a change in your life but currently feel isolated? Do you want to join a community of like-minded action-focused people and support each other on the journey to start living the lives you want? In just a few short weeks I’ll be launching a new coaching programme called The Superhero Project. If you know that there is no “how to” for life and want to join a community of people ready to step into their full power and pull on their Superhero clothes, then sign up today and be the first to know when the programme launches.

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