Celebrating rawness and honesty

If I was to describe my perfect week, I am pretty sure it would come very close to the week I just had.
Sunshine. Interesting and stimulating conversations. Laughter. Thought-provoking discussions. Spending time outside. Connections to others. Good food and wine. Reflection. New surroundings. Relaxing and letting go. Blissed out and content. Being completely myself.

I had the utter pleasure of attending my first World Domination Summit this past weekend, and the past few days have been spent driving around the Oregon countryside in a little red Fiat 500 with a good friend under glorious blue skies. I am feeling uber grateful and totally relaxed right now.

WDS2013 Blissed out in Oregon

The World Domination Summit (WDS) was all I hoped it would be.

Where else do you get to hear speakers talking about dreams and rejection, life and death, connection and creativity, not knowing what the hell to do with your life, peeing your pants at school and the energy and resonance of stories.
Where else do you have conversations with people about hopes and dreams, success and failure, trials and tribulations – and all within minutes of meeting each other.

What blew me away was the raw honesty of everyone.

Speakers, organisers and attendees alike. There was such an openness of everyone to peel back the layers and tell it like it is for them.

We so often go through life portraying our life and our stories as we think it should be. As we believe they should be told. It drives us so much at times that many lives are lived based on someone else’s terms. Yet the 3,000 or so attendees at WDS seem to be living, or aiming to live, a life as they deem meaningful and successful. Everyone is aiming to live a remarkable life in a conventional world.

There was no 10-step plans or “how to” guides discussed or highlighted. After each talk I was left with feelings and emotions and ideas to process in my own way, in my own time, on my own terms. And I absolutely loved this as there is no single way to live a remarkable life. There is no single definition for how to bring meaning to your world. Just as there is no single way to describe WDS! Each attendee has their take on all of this.

Through honest and open conversation, challenge and support, we can all help each other live the lives we want and are truthrul and meaningful to us. After this amazing weekend I am again fired up to help bring people together to support each other on their journey through life with open discussion and challenge, honesty and integrity and a big old dollop of energy and fun.

So here’s to WDS.
The people I met. The thoughts I had. The emotions that were shared. The actions we will take.


Cheers WDS – Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.
More photos from the WDS weekend can be found here.

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