What is your role in the change?

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Every school should have an organic garden.
Share if you agree.

Statements similar to this have appearing in my Facebook feed and I’m sick of seeing them. Not because I don’t agree with them. But because I DO! I do agree with them, and I presume the person who is posting it agrees with it to because they chose to SHARE it as instructed.

But what good is sharing that statement with a pretty photo ACTUALLY doing?

Do we really think that schools will be like – oh yes I SHOULD have an organic garden and I’ve been waiting for someone on Facebook to tell me to go and do it?
Do we really think things will change by sharing a photo and some words?
Do we think we’ll change the minds of people through the simple act of a few words?
Do we feel we’ve done our bit and been good people by sharing an idea rather than enacting it?



I would love to see a photo of YOU down at your local school helping them set up this organic garden. I may come and join you. Or I may send money. Or I may just commend you and send you a high five through the airwaves. But I’m much more likely to do something myself by seeing you DO something, rather than by just seeing a photo.

And if you DO something then you’ve started being the change. You’ve started living by your values.


Be the change

Whatever you believe in, how are you bringing that to life?
(As always, this is just as much a message and reminder to ME as it is to YOU!)

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