The next step

You’re questioning what to do next. The next step feels BIG. HUGE. MASSIVE. Like it will be life changing. You are worried about the consequences.

What should I do? Is this right? What about…? I think I want to, but I don’t know…

I don’t often give advice, but here is my advice.

Just f*cking do it.

Take the step. Try something new. Leave that job. Say goodbye to that boyfriend. Go traveling even though you are only a few years into your career and there will be a gap in your CV. Start a business on the side because you are interested in doing something different. Do what your heart desires.


Stand on that cliff, look over it and jump.


Because you know what? It often isn’t a jump. It’s just a step.
Just one step on a journey. There will be a step after that and a step after that.

Stepping stones
Some will work. Others won’t. But if you keep taking steps and trying new things you’ll be so much more further down the path than if you just stand there and question and wonder what to do.

I know what it’s like. I was there in my 20s and worrying if I was doing the “right” thing, and wondering if this is the path I should be taking or perhaps there was another better path around the corner. My experience and age now tells me that there is no right path.

TAKE ACTION. Make it happen.

I left jobs with no other job to go to and I survived (in fact I thrived). I have numerous gaps on my CV from travels, but these journeys taught me so much more about myself and the world and gave me more skills than staying in a job I didn’t particularly enjoy would have. I have said yes to following my desires and listening to my inner voice.

We don’t often spend our precious thoughts on something we don’t care about at some level. If you are questioning and wondering then it is probably important to you and therefore worth acting on.

The time and mental energy wasted by questioning and thinking and thinking again and worrying some more isn’t worth it.  That time and energy could be put into just making it happen.

Just do it.

I’m not telling you it is going to work. If you want that guarantee then it is better to stay where you are and not chance anything, ever.

I am, however, telling you that you can do this.

And more importantly you can do this NOW. You have the strength and resources to make it happen. And if it doesn’t work out you will try something else. You don’t need a risk strategy or to have planned for every eventuality and how you will deal with it. Sure working through risks, ensuring this is important to you and fits with your values are all good processes. But you know what is the best process? Just doing it.

Following that inner whisper, that desire to do something different, that calling to do what brings you joy.

Take that step and look back and smile.
Take that step and let me know how you get on.

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