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Unconventional Me: James Muthana

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Finding meaning in your work can make a massive difference to how you view daily tasks. In my latest Unconventional Me interview, I speak with James about how we went from investment banker to setting up a community yoga studio.

Courtney Linnecar: Unconventional Me

Courtney Linnecar has a vision of a world where volunteering is as a normal part of your week as meeting a friend for a cup of tea. Read her career story and find out how she is currently combining her strengths and passions in a new digital platform.

Kylee Newton: Unconventional Me

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Kylee Newton has never had a 9-5 job. Instead she juggled multiple freelance creative gigs before pouring her talent and creativity into her own preserves business. Find out more about her Unconventional career story.

Stine Dulong: Unconventional Me

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If you want an advertisement for how great doing something you enjoy is, then Stine Dulong is your poster picture! Read more about her unconventional story and how she went from unhappy ex-marketer and ex-lawyer to content potter.

Laurence Cruse: Unconventional Me

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What happens when on day one of your first job you call bullshit on the industry? For Laurie Cruse you get fired up and try and change it. Read more about his unconventional entrepreneurial career story.

Adam Bromby: Unconventional Me

From prison psychologist to construction project manager to aspiring entrepreneur and a happy surfer, Adam Bromby is someone who’s constant improvement and learning is inspiring. Read more about his unconventional career story.

Ilona Brenninkmeijer: Unconventional Me

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Four years out of university and starting her own business around honest conversations in mental health, it is clear Ilona has chosen not to go down the conventional graduate career route. Find out more about this inspiting woman and her career decision making process.

Kathryn Bertine: Unconventional Me

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Activist. Pro-cyclist. Film-maker. Author. Whatever job title you want to give Kathryn Bertine, she is one inspiring and committed woman. Read more about her inspiring, unconventional career path that has had her following her truth.

Henry Blanchard: Unconventional Me

Henry Blanchard left the Deloitte graduate scheme two and a half years after starting and made history by setting up the first International Marathon in Uganda. Read more about this inspiring, unconventional, passionate man.