Is it enough?

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Having defined myself for years with the norms of London – Busyness, Action, Purpose – I’m now having to find myself in a new environment. And I ask myself, is living a content life enough?

What do YOU want?

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Sometimes characters in a movie can say something much better than I can.
What do YOU want? What do you WANT?

End of year reflections

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With the dark nights and end of the year looming, I get into a very reflective frame of mind. It’s time for planning and dreaming. So turn off your brain, connect to your heart and envision your next 12 months.

Extraordinary, ordinary people

A weekend trip to Poland had the surprising outcome of reaffirming my admiration and fascination with everyday people doing amazing things.

While you are waiting

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Life is what happens when you are waiting. Don’t put your life on hold while you get enough money, get the experience or develop the skills to live the life you want. Embrace this moment , right here, right now.