Just Because

Just Because Community - Robyn Peel

In a world full of lists and achievements, limited time and lots of responsibilities, what if we took the time to do things, well,

Just Because.


Go for a walk in the rain, just because
Invite friends over for high tea, just because
Jump on a train and head somewhere for a weekend, just because
Take up tap dancing, just because
Pick flowers on the way home from work, just because
Sit in a sunny cafe and enjoy that cup of coffee, just because
Give away all the clothes that don’t fill you with joy when you wear them, just because


Life should be made up of little and big moments that make us smile.

Don’t be so busy running through life that you aren’t noticing the journey.

Take the time for new experiences, things that feel good and that bring a smile to your face and your heart.
Why not join me and take a photo a day, to acknowledge and capture all those little (and big) things that capture your attention and heart.

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