The magic wand

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There have been numerous times in my life I have wished that someone would just tell me what to do. What kind of job I should get. What company I should work for. Whether buying a house is a good idea in the current economic climate.

At the time I felt that others knew me and could see me and would know what was best for me.

But of course now I realise I just didn’t want to take responsibility for my decisions.

I thought that if someone else was telling me what I needed, then the risk wasn’t mine. I didn’t need to take responsibility whether it worked or it didn’t. It wasn’t my “fault” if it all went wrong. Actually, I think that I thought nothing could go wrong because they would know “best”.

But no-one really knows me better than myself. They might see skills and strengths that I don’t always acknowledge but only I know what is right for me in the present moment.

I now know that there is no magic wand that will make everything right (although that doesn’t stop me wishing at times that there was such a thing!). I know that no-one has any better idea than me on what will work or whether a decision is “right” or not. There isn’t a fairy godmother to grant my wish or to give me permission to try something out.

I need to give myself permission to take brave and bold steps. I need to take responsibility for my choices and by doing so I get to know that I created the magic that comes from it.

By picking myself and taking action the journey is smoother, faster and much more “me” than if someone else had laid it out for me.

So stop waiting for the magic wand and your fairy godmother to appear.

Take action and pick yourself.

Wave your own fairy dust around and let the magic begin to emerge.

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