Together we are stronger


This morning I woke to the sad news of a hostage siege at the Lindt Café in Sydney. People going about their normal lives all of a sudden got caught up in one person’s issues and story.  As I read the articles to catch up on the happenings, the information about inter-denominational church services taking place throughout Australia is what really captured my attention. Synagogues, churches and mosques all opening their doors (and sometimes gathering together) to allow people to pray for the hostages.

Of all the stories related to this siege that I could latch on to, it was the one about coming together that I clung to.

Then this afternoon as I was reading all the #iwillridewithyou tweets of people around Sydney and other parts of Australia offering rides and connection to Muslims, I had tears on my face. It dawned on me how important community, people working together and joining together across boundaries is to me.

I know that what fires you up, gets you excited, or what you can talk about for hours on end is where your “passion” lies (although I really don’t like that word!). But sometimes things that are glaringly obvious become clear all over again in a different context.

The way that I gravitated to the story of the interdenominational services reminded me that I find gatherings, sharing and coming together to be vital. After the Christchurch Earthquakes I was drawn to the Student Volunteer Army. It was the Broom Army after the London Riots that I remember. These groups of people coming together are stories I hold on to. They mean a lot to me.

Last week I sent an email to six women I had (mostly) met in the last year saying – I wonder what will happen if we get together and help each other. I did that without a moments hesitation and had a huge smile on my face as I did so. And so it seems that collaboration and community is important to me. It’s not just something I pay lip service to, it is a fundamental value and the way I live life.

My upcoming Superhero Project has its strength in the group that will form around it. Plans are afoot for my Just Because community focused on fun, enjoyment and sharing in the small moments of each day. And I spent the whole weekend planning retreats and workshops for women that I will run with a friend in 2015 where the focus is on coming together to nourish and find our full and unique power.

Community, Networks, Gatherings, Support Groups. 

I don’t know why it is so important or where it has come from, but it seems to run through my DNA. I believe together we are stronger and I will continue to find ways to gather people together to share in the trials and tribulations of life. And I will continue to feel my heart swell when I hear stories of people coming together to support, share, learn and love each other.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those in Sydney, but also anyone feeling lost and isolated at present. May you find the support and love you need.


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