Don’t let indecision keep you from action

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I don’t know what I want.
I don’t know what job I would find interesting.
I don’t know what my passions are.

Life is full of uncertainty and we aren’t always clear about what our next step is. It is fine to not know and sit there staring at a blank page, but don’t let the not knowing keep you from finding out.

Don’t hold onto that blank page so fiercely that you don’t even put that first pen mark on it.

Not knowing is a safe place. A place where no action is required. A place you can sit and keep those questions (that others ask and you ask yourself) at bay. A place where you can while away months, years and in some cases decades.

But if you want to actually make a change, to do something different, to get clear on what next then some thought, decision and action is going to be required.

When you can state your wants then things will start happening.

I want a job where I use my creative ideas and feel like I can make a difference.
I want to meet people who make me laugh and don’t take life too seriously.
I want to travel more as I love meeting people from different cultures.

Follow your curiosity and your interests.
Find things you enjoy and do more of that.
Take time to sit quietly and reflect.
Share your ideas, questions, dreams and fears.
Play with concepts and ideas.

The whole picture doesn’t have to be drawn before you even start to take action. Get clear on a small part of the drawing and then start bringing it to life. Start with one object on the page and then the detail of the blades of grass, the colour of the light, the shimmer on the lake will come as you go along.

If you keep focusing on the blank page and how you don’t know what should go in it, the page will stay blank.

Start drawing today.

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If you’re ready to start drawing on that blank page but not sure how, listen into my Google Hangouts on 9 December 2014 and 21 January 2015 to hear about the ways I get from uncertainty to clarity. Or better yet join The Superhero Project taking flight in January. Get clear on who you are, step into your super powers, join others ready to draw on the page and take the actions necessary for your picture to come to life.

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