My first aid kit

First Aid Kit Photo by Marcin Wichary


As part of the fabulous end of year review by Susannah Conway that I did in December, there was a question that really spoke to me:

On your less than great days, how will you look after yourself?

I absolutely loved the idea of having  a “go to” list (or a First Aid Kit as she called it) to help remind me what is important to me and help turn a crappy day into a better one.

My first aid kit consists of:

  • Get outside  – Get out of the building and step into the fresh air. Take a cup of tea into the garden. Walk around the block. Sit in the sun. Walk in the rain. But make sure I haven’t spent the whole day inside.
  • Connect to othersTalk to my darling partner. Skype my parents. Ring a friend to get a dose of energy. I am an extrovert and I love the time, company and energy of others.
  • Exercise outdoors – Move my body even for 15 minutes outside. Get on my bike and cycle to do an errand. Dance in the back yard. Do yoga in the sun. Jump on my skis and hit the slopes. Get my swimsuit and head to an outdoor pool. Just make sure my heart rate is heightened in the great outdoors.
  • Write – Get out my journal and start writing. Go onto and write. Get my thoughts onto paper or onto the screen and out of my head.
  • Music and dance – Listen to music, the cheesier the better! Dance like an uninhibited child and let go.
  • Connect to my words for 2014  – One of the parts of the end of year review was to get a word or intention for the year. Mine is EXPANSIVE (with compassion, be of service, nourish and get uncomfortable supporting it!). So part of my kit is to ask myself, what can I do to bring those words to life today?
  • Do something different –  Take 30 minutes to sit in a cafe and watch the world pass by. Explore a new part of the city. Try one of my new experiences.
  • Sleep – Often when I have bad days it is because I am doing too much and my body is just run down. So I just need to get to bed early and make time to sleep and let my body look after itself.
  • Meditation – Take time for 15 minutes of meditation to centre myself and connect to the greater consciousness.
  • Seek inspiration – Look for Good Life Project videos that I haven’t seen or revisit ones that inspire me. View blogs that tell the stories of inspiring people. Be amazed by this world and the people in it.


What is in your kit?

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