What are you asked for the most?

Many times I have read that the thing you are asked for the most, is your gift to the world. Your special something. The skill or tool you can look to sell. The business offer that is likely to become a success.

And I totally believe that and understand that.

Yet every time I have read that I have thought – But I don’t have a “thing” that people ask me for. They ask me for my time. For a quick phone call. For a catch up over lunch or dinner. For my ear, my thoughts, my questions, my insight.

So I belittled my gift.
I questioned the egotistical nature to think that I could be the gift (me, little old me?!?)
I thought there must be something I could DO or PRODUCE that people would find of benefit.

But each time it comes back to me. Me and my time. Me and my energy. Me and my ideas and thoughts.


And so after a weekend at World Domination Summit where one of my major take-away lessons has been JUST BLOODY WELL DO IT, rather than think it, or plan it, or question it, or take time to figure it out…. I have decided to give myself, my time and my ideas to the world.

I have no idea what will happen, who it will benefit or even if anyone will show up.

But until you try you will never know….

So fitting in with one of my new experiences of hosting a Google Hangout, and with my belief that people supporting one another through sharing their diverse strengths and ideas can lead to real change, I am going to host regular hangouts.

Places will be limited to 6 attendees so please use my Eventbrite page to sign up to one of the upcoming sessions.

I’m open to ideas of topics and format, and I plan to learn as I go, so please share your thoughts and ideas and requests with me. And in the words of the beautiful Danielle La Porte:

Just launch and learn

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