Dear creative, talented you

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Dear creative, talented you,

It seems that the world around you is getting you down. I can see the worry, doubt and concern in your eyes and in your words. I would love to say that everything is going to be ok, but I know that those words don’t mean much to you right now. They won’t be swallowed or allowed to enter even one layer of your skin.

So instead, I ask you to look for the good in the world, starting with the good in you. May you make time each day to acknowledge the skills, abilities, attributes, knowledge that you have. That big heart that beats in your chest, the way you can see a different path for you and for others, the creativity that bubbles in you just waiting to get out.

May you see the best in you.

And may you start to look for and see the best in others too. May you see through their tough bravado and see others worries and realise the humanness of all of this.

Step away from concern and a view of lack, and instead start viewing the abundance of love that does exist. May you find a way to lap it up, let it seep into you and fuel you to go out stronger and more fearless than before.

With much love,

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