Dear creative, talented you

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Dear creative, talented you,

You with the desire to help others and the glint of a dream. Yes I’m talking to you, the one with a heart of gold and a vision of a different future. You are eager to make a difference and use your experiences to help others but although the desire is there so is the doubt.

I know you have a list a mile long of all the reasons that your dream won’t work. I know that the status quo feels easier than the unknown. The conventional, trodden path is all around you and yet I feel your desire for something different.

Find one small step to take today.

Keep going. You can do this. One small action each day.

Find the joy in the vision. Don’t get bogged down in the detail. It’s going to take lots of little steps. Definitely hundreds and possibly thousands, but you can do this.

But you need to start. And after that first step you need to keep going.

Keep sharing your vision. Keep telling others and building and refining the dream.
You need to keep it alive, to morph and change, but always at the core is the essence you have always seen.

Others around you may warn you against this difficult path. Take head of their love and concern but let go of the fear.

I believe in you.

Robyn xx

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