Dear creative, talented you

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Dear creative, talented you,

I know that some days it can feel like one step forward and three steps back, but I believe in you. Do you believe in you?

Can you see the wonderful skills, abilities, attributes and knowledge that you have? The uniqueness that only you can bring to this world? The world needs you to be you. Not a slightly modified version of someone else but wholly, fundamentally, courageously you.

Your foibles and your lessons, your triumphs and your mistakes make you who you are, so don’t belittle them or wish them away or iron over them. Stand tall. Stand tall in all the things that have come before now. Stand tall in all that you will bring to the world. Stand tall and proud and present.

Take up your space in this world.

Own your past and own your future. But totally live here in the now. The steps that have been and the steps that are to come don’t matter.
Believe. Breathe. Be.

With much love,
Robyn x

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