Life is for living

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Their faces lit up with their smiles.
Their zest for life was palpable.
Both left this earth way too soon.

In the past week I have found out about the deaths of two people. Two people in their 30s who seemed to have a cheeky smile permanently on their faces. One I had never met but knew of his smile, energy, vision and belief through the massive impact he made through his work. The other an ex-colleague I hadn’t seen for a couple of years but whose smile is permanently imprinted in my mind.


Two beautiful people with beautiful souls that just lived and thrived in life.
Two beautiful people who are no longer here to light up others.
Two beautiful people that are reminding me that life can be short, so live it well.


Their passing has reminded me of the power of a single smile. The effect a simple act of being can have on others, even those you have never met in person. That life is for living and loving.

It has been a sobering reminder that we never actually know when our time on this planet will be up, so we need to live it and love it right now. And even if I’m blessed to have a long life rather than a short one, wouldn’t it be even more amazing to have lived and loved every single day?

It’s a reminder to embrace all around us and not wish our lives away for a day when all conditions will be perfect for that day is unlikely to come, even if we live until ripe old age. What indeed are we waiting for? The situation is never going to be perfect. The time never exactly right.

Their deaths are not an impetus to change my life, but a reminder to keep living a life true to me. Full of experiences and adventures. Full of people and connection. Full of smiles and fun.

Thank you Scott and Malar for the reminder. I wish your smiles were here to light the way for others, but they will live on within me.

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