New Year Celebrations? Nah, I’m celebrating each day

You know how some days dawn bright with expectation and opportunities? Well 2015 kind of slithered in like a wet fish slapped to the face. The low level intestinal pains pretty much put a dampener on my New Years Eve Celebrations. Did someone say curled up in the foetal position before midnight?

I could take this as an omen and set myself up for a pretty sh*t year (pun intended) or I could realise that the 1st of January is not any more special than the 2nd, 5th or 29th of January.

Now I must admit that if I had been fighting fit and celebrated until the wee hours of the 1st of January with drunken singing and dancing I would probably right now be proclaiming my love for a new year. A book full of blank pages and expectation. A time that feels fresh and new. And I still believe there is something delightful about the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

But the way the new year limped in this year gave me another lesson altogether.
Some days will dawn bright and joyful. And some days won’t.

But no matter the dawn, you are in control of that path of that day. You are in control of the feelings, thoughts and action you want to partake in and hold onto as the dusk settles in on each day.

Robyn and Jesus

So on the 1st of January 2015 I listened to my body, took it slow, and then headed out to make the most of some beautiful blue skies over northern Montana. I found Jesus. I marvelled at the views. I breathed in the fresh air. I lost myself in the turns on my skis. I didn’t let the beginning of the day define my end.

Each day is a new day. Seize it.

So we are four days into the New Year and if you have given up on the bright hopes and ideas that you brought into the year, then don’t throw them by the weigh side. Instead know that each day you can decide on how you want to feel. Each day you can open a blank page and write a story. Each day you can make conscious choices about what actions you will or will not take.

Don’t let one day of the year define the other 364.
Don’t let your yesterday define your today.

Open up your eyes to the beauty and opportunities that surround you and decide how you want to feel as the light falls at the end of this day.

Beauty Surrounds Us

2 thoughts on “New Year Celebrations? Nah, I’m celebrating each day”

  1. Hi Robyn
    A lovely inspiring message which compliments and boosts my own optimism for this year. I love your positivity – and the fact that you have made your dream of the Clarity Cafe a reality. Inspiring. Keep going well, girl. Sxxx

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