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Stand Up and Be Heard

A couple of weeks ago as I was walking home after seeing Mark Thomas at the Tricycle Theatre, I commented to my partner that I really admire people with opinions. I don’t have to agree with their opinions, I just like people to HAVE them!

Mark Thomas is a comedian, political activist, commentator and “libertarian anarchist”. I may not agree with all he says, but I really admire that he walks the walk and talks the talk. He truly believes in the concepts and ideas he shares and goes out and fights for them. He engages with them, shares them and is happy to stand up and be heard.

I like and admire people who stand for something.

People who have thought about an idea, researched it, read about it, discussed it, mulled it over and come up with their own opinions.

I love this because….
I hate this because….
This pisses me off because….
This needs to change because……

It’s opinions backed up with reasoning.

In the past few weeks Russell Brand has been getting in the news again regarding where he is appearing and what he is saying. But what has annoyed me is how many people are talking about whether they like Russell Brand or not, or whether they believe Russell is really doing it because he cares or whether it is just for publicity. I don’t care WHY he is doing it. Let’s instead talk about the issues and points he is raising. Do you agree with them or disagree with them? Why? Where has that knowledge or reference come from? What are your counter arguments? What could you add to his concepts?

Let’s have opinions on things that matter, not people and their personality or motivation.

I want people to have a sense of self; to know who they are and what is important to them. I want people to have the confidence to find their voice and share it, rather than regurgitating the ideas or concept of others. To disagree but not just to be contrary, rather they have thought about it and truly believe in what they are saying.

If we are going to change anything then we need to voice our ideas about what is going on. Not about who is saying what but WHAT they are talking about. The views may not be original (because there is very little truly original in this world) but the fact you have come to this view through your own journey, discussions, research and challenge is what matters to me.

I don’t care what you care about – but I want you to care.


Speak up.
Be heard.
Talk about what matters to you.

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