You have everything you need


I have been so very fortunate to have led a life with no dramas. No times of being at rock bottom (or below). No large challenges to overcome. No deaths of loved ones that tore me apart. For this I should be grateful, but for a long time I felt inadequate.

The stories I heard of people living inspiring and wonderful lives had all OVERCOME something. They found strength in bad times. They learned from their times of struggle. Their time at zero made them who they were today.

The quotes all over the internet also seemed to tell me that I needed to hit rock bottom before I could find my calling and do what I loved. That I had demons to overcome. Walls to climb. That I had to be lost to find myself.

So I started to feel that my life was too “good”, too “put together” and there were times I was just waiting for something to happen. That challenge to be put in my way. That strength and resolve in me to be tested.

I wondered if the bliss I was living was real or whether I wasn’t deserving of it because I hadn’t fought for it.

But I am here today to tell you: You can find your bliss whenever you want. You have it all the time. You don’t need to go to the depths to get to the heights. You can celebrate your beautiful self at any point – in the depths, at the heights or just wherever you happen to be in-between.

I admire and champion those amazing people who have fought adversity and won. Those people who have overcome such hard times in their lives to live open-hearted and inspired lives should be celebrated.

But I also want to tell you that we don’t have to be the tortured soul before we can love ourselves.

We don’t have to find despair in order to find the light. We can find our bliss, love our lives and be happy no matter what.

Don’t look for the struggle if you don’t have it. Find that light and bliss that is inside you. That strength you have whether demons have been fought or not. These resources are things we all have and can tap into at any time in our lives.

There is no path that needs to be uncovered before you start living a life you want.

You can make it happen RIGHT NOW.
You have everything you need.

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