The mad rush to nowhere

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On Friday we moved into a new, unfurnished flat.
Today is Thursday and we have a house full of furniture, art on the walls, boxes unpacked and nearly a place for everything.



It sometimes feels like a miracle. And other times I keep thinking of more things we “need” and ideas that will make this beautiful space feel more homely.  I have come to realise that I am impatient and I want to have everything sorted NOW. And then I have to remind myself – Geez woman, you haven’t even been in the house a week! Calm your shit down!

Stop with the mad rush to a place where nothing is actually better.

I am wanting more for the sake of more rather than relishing in the wonders that I have. Six days ago the lounge was bare apart from a TV and a bookshelf of books. Now it is filled with a sofa to lie in the sun and watch the world pass me by and a beautiful dining room table to have friends over for dinner. The fact that we don’t have an outdoor table or somewhere to put the reading light in the bedroom just doesn’t even matter.

There is no need to stress and rush for a destination that is actually no better than where I am now. Sure it’s so lovely to have a place to call home, a place to settle into and rest for a while. But I was living my bliss when I was living in someone else’s flat for 6 months. And when I was in a campervan, when staying with friends and family in NZ, when traveling through Japan and when spending a week at a time at friends houses when we arrived back in London.

I hear the message loud and clear: the destination isn’t actually any better than where you are now.

Stop rushing.

So today I’m reminding myself to calm down and love all that I have. I’m focusing on the amazing things in my life, and letting the wants and needs come as and when needed. I am remembering my reflection question for this week and making sure that I put music on, dance around the house and look for FUN! at every opportunity.


Join me in taking a breath, stopping with the rushing and enjoying where you are right now.


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