The advantages of jetlag

After flying into London from Tokyo yesterday, I woke up at about 5am this morning. After trying unsuccessfully to go back to sleep, I started consuming information on the internet. I read blogs and twitter comments and my Facebook feed. I thought I was looking for connection, but that wasn’t what I found.

In the day and age of information, there is so much of it. You could spend days, weeks and probably months listening to how everyone else is living their life. Their top tips to having a productive morning. Their ideas on how to grow your business. The ways they manage to control their diet. Their secret for living a life of happiness and contentment.

I love people’s stories. I love inspiration.

But sometimes you need to turn off the noise and listen to yourself.

What do you want?
What is important to you?
What do you know about yourself that no-one else knows?
What do you need to do to find yourself?


For me getting outside, in the quiet of the day makes it so much easier to connect to that inner voice that is all knowing and all seeing. Sitting with my bare feet touching the cool flagstones. The sound of birds starting their morning. A glass of water to refresh. Me, my computer, my writing and my thoughts.

London morning reflection

There are times I need to connect to the world through the internet but there are times when I just need the silence of nature (yes even in the city!) to help me know who I am and what I want.

The bombardment of information can be draining.
For me it always makes me feel as though I’m not quite enough. That there is MORE I should be doing. That I am somehow LACKING in some way. It’s a list of should’s and must’s that actually aren’t mine and don’t actually drive me. It focuses me on a a future state and misses the amazingness of right now.

That dichotomy of MORE and LACK pulls me more away from what I really want and who I really am.

For me sitting here with the sounds of the city waking up is more than enough.
I’m loving that I am back in London and can’t wait to get out there and experience it again.
The fact that an unknown and exciting day is about to commence is all I need to know.

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