Finding the words


As I get ready to return to London after 9 months of traveling and adventures I am trying to find the right words to call the next phase.

I lot of people would say I am returning to “real life” after nine months of “holiday” but that doesn’t tell my story as I wish.

The nine months have been probably more “real” than many others days, weeks and months of my life.

They have been conscious, lived in the moment and with such a sharp focus. They have been filled with joy and laughter and complete awareness as to how I am choosing this bliss filled life. There has been discomfort too and questioning of our choices, as I don’t want to give the impression it has all been unicorn and rainbows. But it has been an eye-opener for me as to what I really value and what living my bliss really and truly feels like.

As one person I met along the way commented, perhaps I am returning to my “fake” life in London and this traveling life is real.

I quite like that!

But really there is no fake or real life. There is only what is being lived in this moment. I have been using the term “adventure” to name our 9 months away from London but again I’m not sure that sums it up either as to be honest life is an adventure – whether lived in the same town your whole life or in a different town or city every day.

And so I guess I have come to realise that words and semantics just get in the way. We use words as best we can but sometimes the words aren’t enough – because the meaning I give to something could be completely different to the words you give it.  And so as I get ready for job hunting, house hunting and unpacking our storage unit in London I look forward to continuing my adventure, to continuing my real and exciting and bliss-filled life in a new place but with the acute awareness and focus that I have learned on the journey thus far.

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