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Each and every one of us has 168 hours available to us in a week.

In that time some people hold down a full-time job and train for ironman races. Some people work in a full-time job and start a business on the side. Others run a household, look after their children and work part-time. Others find it hard to make the time for work because their voluntary work keeps them busy.  Yet others wake up, read a book and wonder where the time has gone and how they could ever find time to work. And the list goes on….

There are so many different ways that people use their time.

And you know what?
None of them are RIGHT. There isn’t a way that WORKS. There isn’t a time management tool or process or checklist that will mean you have more hours in the day or miraculously you can do everything you want and then some.

As an individual you need to work out the best breakdown of those 168 hours for you.


There is no point in comparing. There is no point in believing you use your time “better” or “worse” than others. It is a waste of time to wish there were more hours in the day.

For me, I need 8-9 hours sleep a night to feel great. Getting 4-5 hours isn’t a choice I want to make for me at the moment.
I like my time with inspiring and interesting people and I choose to prioritise that.
Moving my body outdoors makes me feel fabulous and I will choose that above most other things at the moment as I am living in a place of so much natural beauty.


We each have a choice.
We can learn from those who seem to do it well.
But we shouldn’t want to emulate them.

We need to find our own breakdown that works for us. The ratio of paid work, voluntary work, time with family and friends, exercise, hobbies, sleep, relaxation, connection and inspiration that makes us feel good.

And those ratios will change throughout our lives. Depending on if we have kids or not. Whether we are working for someone else or ourselves. Whether we are loving our work or looking for a way out. Whether we are at 100% health or just getting by. Depending on what is important to us at that moment in time.


So right now, what works for you?

What ratio would bring you joy and how close are you to that now?

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On Through the Looking Glass this week I’m asking What are your priorities? Are you spending time on your priorities or being busy being busy? Take the time this week to think about what is important for you right now and how you can make sure you are making time each day for the priorities in your life.

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