What’s your Olympic sport?

Currently living in Canada, I couldn’t help but be swept up in the Winter Olympics and who knew curling could be so interesting?!? Anyway, I am always a sucker for people doing what they love. I get caught up in their focus, drive, belief and just all-consuming-ness of what they do.

Sochi Olympic Rings

Every morning they get up and do what drives them. They work through pain and failure, success and glory, soreness and elation. They do the training each.and.every.day. They just go out and DO IT. And at the end, there is no guarantee of fame or fortune or even the coveted large medal to go around their neck.

I wonder where that drive comes from. Where that utter belief and focus shows itself. Because in the Winter Olympics a lot of them aren’t earning a large amount of money from doing their sport. It seems they are driven to compete from a purely personal achievement perspective.

How come some people follow their personal drives and others sit around and wait for inspiration to strike?


Watching these athletes has shown me the massive chasm between those who DO and those who WISH. Those who CONSUME ideas and those who CREATE action and possibilities. Those who MAKE it happen and those who COMPLAIN about why it can’t happen.

I know we can’t all be Olympians and many of us (myself included) don’t want to be. But there is likely to be something we do want. A change or achievement we are after. And we can learn from these incredible athletes.

We can take from them the ACTION, BELIEF, FOCUS and DRIVE.

Whatever we want to change or accomplish, give it focus and attention. Give it love and devotion. Give it time and energy. Follow it through the ups and downs. The good and bad. The wins and the losses.

We are so much more likely to achieve what we want when those factors come into play.

We can also learn from the athletes support structures. Each of these athletes has a support crew: mentors, coaches, teachers, guides, trainers, families and friends. The support crews help them get further and higher. They help clear obstacles, tweak application and technique and are there for support on the ups and the downs. The athletes have to have the passion, drive and ability. They need to get up each day and do the work, but it is made so much easier when they have people supporting and guiding them through the process.

So what is your Olympic sport of choice? What is the area in your life you want to bring to fruition? What does your Gold Medal performance look like?

And who do you have on the sidelines helping you get there?
State your vision and then work towards it. Get up and follow that vision each and every day. Take a step forward. Keep believing even when you take a hit. And keep moving and doing what you love. Find those people who can give you guidance and support but know you need to do the work. And know you are more than capable of doing the work.

Go out and make it happen.

Image: Olympic Rings by Atos

3 thoughts on “What’s your Olympic sport?”

  1. I especially liked the bit about “the team” – having a team of supporters around us. this has recently been brought to my close attention and I realised that we ALL have a team be they apparent (that is, in the flesh and close by) or hidden (that is not clearly seen). Many of us have dear ones who have passed on or who live miles away who cheer us on from the unseen sidelines. It is this team, the unseen, which has recently been brought to my attention.

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