Creating your reality

You create your own reality through your thoughts, decisions, actions and choices.


You can view the world as something to endure or something to enjoy.

You can believe that everyone is kind and helpful or believe that everyone is out for themselves.

You can think that you are not worthy or you can think that you are on this planet to do great things.

You can look for ways to grow or look for ways to stay the same.

You can believe those words spoken around you or you can choose to disregard them.

You can say “yes” to opportunities that present themselves or you can say “no”.

You can focus and fixate on your emotions or just let them come and go as they naturally do.

You can think everything is miraculous or think that nothing is a miracle.

You can find ways to do what you love or find ways to feel stuck.

You can believe you have the inner strength to do what you want or you can believe you aren’t brave or courageous enough to live the life you dream of.

Each of these choices in our thoughts, our actions and our decisions shape the world around us.

We create our reality.

What reality do you want to create?

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