My wish for you this year

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Make a Wish

May you do more of what brings you joy and makes you feel alive
May you find that inner sparkle and nurture it and let it grow and spread
May you realise your beauty and let it shine
May you find time for quiet contemplation and reflection
May you engage fully in the present moment and see yourself and the world for all its glory
May you be brave and start listening to yourself
May you appreciate each and every day
May you realise how strong you are and that you have everything you need to live the life you dream of
May you connect to the beauty of nature
May you give to others in a way that feels true to you
May you see that you are responsible for your reality and your destiny
May you make choices each and every day that make you feel good
May your heart feel full from who you are, what you are doing and what you are sharing
May you find the strength that rests inside you and start shining that light
May you feel the fear but take action anyway
May you realise how special you are and how the world is waiting for you to share it
May you live a life that inspires you and in the process inspires others

May you start living the life you were born to live

May the rising and setting of the sun remind you each day is a new day for you to create the life you want
Each day is a new day to live how you want to live Each day gifts you the opportunity to do and be whatever you want

Image: Dandelion courtesy of Wikipedia

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