Learning from a 13-year old

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How are you learning today?

What ways are you growing your experience and ideas?

What new concepts are you grappling with and learning about?

We are always learning and growing. I personally think that is kind of the point of life.

For me I learn by conversations with people. Being nosy and seeing the world through their experiences, thoughts and ideas. I learn through new experiences where I put myself into a new place and through that I get to see the world (and myself!) differently. I’m definitely a visual learner so I learn best by being and experiencing and talking and seeing rather than reading. I learn by stories. I am inspired by stories.

So yesterday when I saw this great Tedx talk from a 13-year old boy who is hacking his own education, it fueled and ignited me. It spoke to my soul and I had to share it on Twitter and Google +  straight away.

Here is a 13-year old kid working out what he likes and finding a way to experience and learn about it.

A 13-year old kid who is questioning education and asking some really great questions:

What if we based education on the practice of being happy and healthy?

He also seems to pretty much sum up my views of life:

Skiing to me is freedom. And so is my education. It’s about being creative, doing things differently. It’s about community and helping each other. It’s about being happy and healthy amongst my very best friends.

He is “hacking” his own education and doing a pretty amazing job about learning about himself and the world. Obviously he gets some support from adults around him; likely from some very enlightened adults. But he is making his own way in the world and learning each step of the way. I really hope that he continues to educate himself this way through the rest of his life, long after he is of an age when “formal education” is over.

What he is doing is following his dreams and passions. Doing what interests him and seeing where it leads him. Each day he is learning more and more.

So how are you learning and growing?

How are you challenging your views of the world and thought patterns? How are you stepping out of your comfort zone and skiing a new line?

Thank you Logan La Plante for inspiring me. Thank you for showing me that we can be following our dreams, walking the walk and talking the talk no matter how old or young we are. And thank you to your parents who must be so proud of who you are and who you are becoming.

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