Follow the white rabbit

So Wednesday started off with my usual cafe clarity and a cup of tea in a cafe with a woman I had never met before. By midday I was in a beautiful kitchen in leafy Parsons Green connecting to amazing women who I never knew existed but who also believe in the power of face-to-face connection, the power of story, in support and inspiration. I sat and soaked it up. I heard stories that brought tears to my eyes and goose bumps to my skin. I hugged people like old friends who I had only met less than three hours before.

So how did I get there?

I said yes to an opportunity that presented itself

There were so many reasons to say no. I had just met this woman for a cup of tea and had things planned. Where she was going was a long way from where I currently was. I had another appointment that I needed to be at and could be pushed for time. I had no idea who I was meeting or where I was going. I had just met this woman!

I hesitated, I doubted, and then I just said “yes”. Yes, I will come and meet these women you say that I must meet. Yes, I will take a risk and see where it leads me.

I told my story and my vision

The reason I was invited to this meeting was because I told my story to my cafe date. I proclaimed my vision. I exuded my energy and passion and love for groups and people living authentic, amazing lives. I spoke from my heart and told my story in my words and in my way.

I spoke my truth.

So she knew who I was and knew that the women she was going to meet would be a great connection and fit for me.

I gave myself  permission to be me

The woman I met in the cafe was a corporate executive and all those women in that beautiful kitchen were all ex-City. It is a world I am unfamiliar with. It is a world in the past I have said I don’t belong to. And you know what, I don’t need to belong and I don’t need to be them. I gave myself permission to be me, fully me and I just sat there knowing I had every right to be there. My vision is the same as theirs. We want the same thing. The diversity adds rather than subtracts from that and I don’t need to change a thing.

I was in the moment

I was fully present every minute this morning. I wasn’t thinking about what ifs or what might happen tomorrow or even what might happen in the next five minutes. I was there, fully there. Every cell in my body was present and living and feeling and being in that moment.

It was delightful, it was delicious and it was so easy!

I trusted my instincts

Within minutes of meeting my newfound cafe friend I knew we were on the same wave length. There was connection. We “got” each other. We spoke the same language. We didn’t engage in small talk, we got down into who we are and what we want. I trusted that this person would lead me to other likeminded interesting people. And boy did she what!


I have seized opportunities before but yesterday it felt like an electric shock of synchronisity. At every moment I felt totally alive and totally and authentically me! I learned that seizing opportunities can be a life-changing experience.

You don’t know where that opportunity is going to lead you.

So look that rabbit in the eye, hold out your hand and go for the ride.
If it’s down a hole you don’t want you can turn back.
But you might get to an amazing place that you never dreamed of.

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